играйте теперь!

You can immediately challenge MyGoFriend on the KGS Go Server in the "English Game Room".

If you are new to KGS follow these steps:

  1. Click  http://www.gokgs.com/applet.jsp
  2. Enter a username
  3. Login as Guest. After that a window should open where you can see the current challenges at the top and running games below.
  4. To enter the "English Game Room":

    If you see a tab "English Game Room" simply click on that tab.

    If not choose "Rooms" from the main menu and then
    Room list -> Main Rooms -> English Game Room -> Enter.
    After that close the Room list window.

  5. Challenge or observe MyGoFriend!

If MyGoFriend is currently not playing you should see a challenge at the top of the list boldly printed. Simply click on it to accept it.

If MyGoFriend is playing you will find the game in the game list below the challenges. If you click on it you can oberserve the game, give comments...

Have fun!