MyGoFriend 2.0 supporting boardsizes from 2x2 until 52x52 is now ready for sale. If you are interested in purchasing please visit our shop, which is translated in ten languages.
Erding is a town in Bavaria, Germany, and capital of the district Erding. The original Erdinger Weissbier is a well-known Bavarian specialty. Erding is located around 45 kilometers northeast of...
MyGoFriend is playing on kgs using a second account called "MyGoFrndPc" since January 21st. MygofriendPC is running on an almost five year old desktop-pc with an Intel i7 920 2.66 ghz quad core cpu....
The rating on Kgs will be updated daily!  
Today MyGoFriend started to play on KGS. Enjoy the game of Go.  
The European Go Congress takes place in the Municipal Hall of Bonn from July,21 to August,4 2012 this year. About 1000 Go players from over 30 nations, especially Europe and East Asia, play various...
MyGoFriend will play an exhibition match withSong Tae Kon 9p on Mai 26th 3:30 p.m MET on KGS!You can also watch live on the Kido-Cup 2012
At the second day of the 19x19 Go Tournament we had to play against the best teams like Zen (Goldmedal), Steenvreeter (Silvermedal) and Pachi (Bronzemedal). These games showed that MygoFriend is able...