Zen is the Winner of the 19x19 Go Tournament in Tilburg 2011


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At the second day of the 19x19 Go Tournament we had to
play against the best teams like Zen (Goldmedal),
Steenvreeter (Silvermedal) and Pachi (Bronzemedal).
These games showed that MygoFriend is able to play well.
Present high dan players (6d) confirmed that MyGoFriend
is playing a strong opening. This resulted in promising
if not better positions even versus the best competitors
up to move 100. In the later stages of the game MyGoFriend
unfortunately sometimes missed some tactics on the big board.
Our conclusion is that some fine tuning and safer play
is needed to gather more points next time.

We think this is quite a good result  for our first appearance
on the big board and only one year of development. We are going to do our best to improve the strength of  MyGoFriend shortly.

Congratulations again to Zen, who won all three disciplines.

Here a sample of photos:

The author of Gomorra Lars Schaefers


Programmer of MyGoFriend Frank Karger


f.l.t.r. Ajahuang (6d) Fuego, Hideki Kato (Zen)


Team member Hideki Kato is getting the Gold medal


Zen19S won all three Go Tournaments


Ron Polak (6d) from the Netherlands analyses a game between Zen and Pachi