Games of MyGoFriend under Tournament Conditions


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Erding is a town in Bavaria, Germany, and capital of the district Erding. The original Erdinger Weissbier is a well-known Bavarian specialty. Erding is located around 45 kilometers northeast of central Munich, about a 40-minute drive by car.

Every year a strong Go tournament takes place in Erding. You can see more informations about the tournament at the official website.

Thanks to tournament director Dr. Klaus Fluegge whose commitment made it possible to play some matches. MyGoFriend played two games against a former 4d player, Siegmar Steffens. Theses games took place under regular human tournament conditions, no handicap, one hour time for each side. One win and one loss confirm the actual kgs-ranking of MyGoFriends desktop version called "MyGoFrndPc". Also, present high dan players confirmed this assessment.

MyGoFriend played on a three year old notebook with an i7 cpu, 3,33 ghz. 

Siegmar Steffens (1d) against MyGoFriend

Citation of some high dan players "very strong bot on a normal computer", "playing strength about 1d".

Download games in sgf-format:

Game 1

Game 2


Following a sample of photos:






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