MyGoFriend - Gold Medal Winner 15th Computer Olympiad, Go (9x9)

MyGoFriend is a new and a innovative Go playing program for Windows which combines ease of use with professional features and an outstanding design.


  • Enjoy a beautiful realistic board and marvelous stones
  • Adjustable playing strength from beginner to master
  • Speaks English, Japanese, Corean, Chinese, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish and Taiwanese
  • Strong traditional Go knowledge 
  • State of the art Monte Carlo algorithms 
  • Easy to use for starters 
  • Effective and clearly arranged analysis for experts 
  • Specialised for 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19
  • Adjustable Board Size from 2x2 to 52x52
  • Save and load games (sgf format)   
  • Very strong on small machines 
  • Earthshaking power on modern pc´s